Traditional Set Dances at Oireachtas Rince na hEireann 2016

By now all teachers worldwide will have got the link, which will bring you complete details of the 2016 All Ireland Championships, including the syllabus.  On reading the syllabus, you will notice that a Traditional Set Dance is only included for the 8 – 9 age group in 2016.  The Traditional Set Dance included is the Job of Journeywork.  An Coimisiun requested the CLRG Music and Dance Committee to decide on the version of the set dance to be performed, and the Music and Dance Committee has determined that the most widely and universally performed version be the only acceptable one.  The only variation permitted will be in the version of the box movement to be performed, and dancers will have a choice of including either a five beat or four beat version of this movement.  As a guide to teachers preparing dancers for the 8 – 9 age group a number of video links will be placed alongside the syllabus on the CLRG website, demonstrating the lead with five beat box, the set with five beat box, the lead with four beat box and the set with four beat box.

Link to the approved versions of the Job of Journeywork can be found here courtesy of CLRG.